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Energy ­procurement

As part of our energy procurement service we intend to achieve the most favourable energy costs available on the market for the consumer community we develop.

The more partners join us the greater competitive advantage the members of the community can achieve, since the providers and traders interest is to propose the best price to win the clients, as a result of the volume effect.

Our unique, own-developed web-based auction and audit portal helps our clients analyze the energy costs incurred so far by making it possible to examine the old bills whether the provider applied the unit prices according to the regulations and whether the contents and appearance of bills are appropriate.

After determining the consumer profiles we classify our clients in order to be able to achieve more favourable unit prices from the traders with the help of more precise determination of consumer character.

The auction is conducted as a transparent competition and we conclude the contracts with the traders proposing the most favourable conditions.

We continuously monitor the energy sector, during the procurement process we keep in touch with the providers, traders in all the phases of contract conclusion considering the interests of our clients, and we keep it up during the contract period.


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