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Energy management has become a very significant area within the operation of facilities, since the energy costs can take up to 50% of the general operational costs (without technological consumption).

As part of our service we continuously monitor the energy related costs incurring in the facilities, furthermore, we carry out the formal and content control of the invoices issued by the service providers, the allocation of incurring costs proportional to utilization, and – if requested – the examination of reasonableness at equipment-level. We carry out annual year-end accounting of costs, development of specific indexes if requested, the development of the potential internal reinvoicing system, calculation of unit prices and we keep in contact with the service providers during the contractual period.

Three fields, one solution: Energy management provides an integrated approach starting from energy procurement, through prepair of service provider contracts, conclusion and following until optimization of energy utilization.

Efficiency instead of wasting: often 50% of operational costs are comprised of energy related costs still it is not a popular practice to follow the efficiency of costs, to develop system-level management since several market actors cannot afford to employ a full time expert for this special job. We offer you the possibility to have your own energetics expert who shall take care of all related tasks. You can optimize your energy related costs as a client of Dome Energy you can get the energy sources at a more favourable price.

We audit and make proposals: as a result of the audit we develop solutions and by consultancy we assist our clients to achieve a more optimal level of energy utilization and cost investment.


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