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Our energy audit service includes the evaluation of the operation of systems and equipment in facilities, and the process of making the operation more effective.

As part of our service we assess the equipment in operation and we analyze the structure of the mechanical system.

We examine the incoming energy through an energy flowchart and we prepare the analysis of the primary energy utilization, consumption of facilities.

Based on the above data we determine the secondary energy types (if they exist) produced by various energy generators and we analyze the efficiency by which secondary energy can be generated from primary energy.

After determining the above analysis in natural material, and based on the natural material we determine the costs, the allocation and charging of costs proportional to utilization.

After determinig the cost per unit we develop the prices per unit and we examine the efficiency of equipment.

We also analyse the functions of mechanical and electric equipment, systems, overall suspicion of efficient operation of energy and performance, and our experts make proposals for more effective solutions.


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